What are the differences between AngularJS and Angular?

AngularJS is the previous version of Angular, which is a complete rewrite, thus there are a few changes to note.

Architecture: The MVC design is supported by AngularJS, in which the model contains business logic, the view displays data retrieved from the models, and the controller handles interactions between the view and the model by obtaining data from the model and sending it to the view. In Angular, on the other hand, we have a component-based design, which means that instead of having different components for logic, presentation, and so on, we now have a single self-contained user interface that can be utilized alone or as part of a larger project.

Language: We could only utilize JavaScript in AngularJS. However, we can utilize both TypeScript and JavaScript in Angular.

Mobile support: We don’t receive mobile browser support out of the box with AngularJS, but we do with Angular. We get mobile support for all major mobile browsers.