What are the Data Engineer course details?

To keep it brief I’hve mentioned some pointers below:

  • Learn Mysql and hone your data-handling skills.

  • Learn a computer language, such as Java, Python, or Go, for example.

  • Learn about NoSQL databases like DynamoDB and MongoDB.

  • Learn how to use a large data processing platform such as Spark, Flink, or Kafka.

  • Familiarize yourself with cloud infrastructures such as AWS, Azure, Google, and OCI.

  • You can learn how to develop a data lake, ingest enormous amounts of data, and design a data pipeline by watching videos on YouTube.

Data engineers is well in computer science fundamentals and in constructing and designing large-scale systems from start to finish. They should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of utilising linear and noSQL databases. They must be able to develop efficient pipelines for batching and streaming applications.

That covers the most basic way of going about the journey of becoming a data engineer