What are the core subjects in Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a flourishing field of study and universities are still figuring out the best approach to disseminate knowledge for the same. The following are the core subjects that are included in the course:

  1. Basic Data Analysis – Retrieving and gathering huge volumes of data, organizing and classifying it into relevant heads, and finally analyzing it is covered in this subject.
  2. Basic Scripting or Introductory Programming – This includes interpretation of data for useful insights rather than focusing on the compilation of it.
  3. Cyber Defense – Knowledge of anticipating potential attacks and ways to defend the same.
  4. Cyber Threats – This is related to the various types and sources of attacks possible for an organization.
  5. Fundamental Security Design Principles
  6. Information Assurance Fundamentals
  7. Introduction to Cryptography
  8. Information Technology (IT) Systems Components
  9. Networking Concepts
  10. Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Compliance
  11. System Administration