What are the core subjects for Java Developer?

  • Because Java is generally used as an enterprise applications language, the questions are geared at API, Java principles, and design patterns.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Java. Make a lot of plans. Exercises should be practiced. Get familiar with IDEs such as ECLIPSE and NETBEANS.

  • Learn about J2EE , Database management systems, SQL ,Oracle, SQL Server, and My SQL are all must-haves these days. Learn how to query a database and become an expert at it. J2EE gives you a taste of what it’s like to learn how to create Websites And mobile Applications Sites.

  • Likewise, if you plan to work on a Java Web Service application, you should study REST and SOAP, JSON,XML and other important topics.

  • Know how to use JavaScript and Study it thoroughly.

  • Learn about web development architecture and frameworks. Learn about SPRING and MVC and understand which are essential for your career path?

By getting familiar with above mentioned subjects you have got the basics of Java’s core subjects clear.