What are the chances of getting selected by Wipro after attending their HR interview?

Unless you wrecked the interview, you have an extremely slim likelihood of being rejected.

If your interview performance was ordinary, you have a chance of getting chosen, but if your interview went exceptionally well, you will almost certainly be chosen.

In general, the HR interview is based on your ability to communicate and express yourself.

But you may never know, In any company, if someone does not respond convincingly to numerous questions, such as those listed below, the odds of rejection are considerable.

  1. Which of your skills is your strongest, and which do you want to develop further?
  2. What is your current remuneration?
  3. How can we be sure you’ll stay here for a long time if your career is constantly changing?
  4. Will your departure have any consequences for your project or organization? How do you intend to keep it to a minimum for them?
  5. Is it possible for you to join us next week/month?