What are the Challenges of Media Buying?

As with all marketing initiatives, investing in experienced media buying teams and processes means demonstrating value. To do this, media buying teams need that allows them to attribute conversions and KPIs back to a specific ad. They also need access to in order to make in-campaign updates to ads that are underperforming. The top challenges when it comes to media buying are:

Marketing Measurement

When it comes to spending media dollars, it is important for media buyers to understand which campaigns are working. They can then better allocate budgets. However, many companies struggle with applying anthat accurately represents their entire [media mix]
. This makes it difficult to know when a certain ad placement has performed as desired, triggering a specific conversion.

Optimize Campaign In-Flight

Another challenge for media buyers is optimizing ads mid-campaign. Most marketing results aren’t available until after the campaign, making it too late to adjust advertising spend. To rectify this, marketing teams must invest in marketing platforms with the processing power to deliver granular insights on [marketing performance] while the campaign is active.

Avoiding Ad Fraud

occurs when an organization pays for ad space on a fraudulent site, or when organizations have to pay more for an ad based on clicks/impressions from bots or click farms. This is especially prevalent in programmatic advertising. Programmatic buying can be beneficial for real-time ad placements, but can also result in ad fraud as there is minimal review of the sites where ads are being purchased, resulting in mismanaged dollars.

Clear Contracts

Contract negotiations can be another challenge in media buying. Media buyers need to be sure that everything negotiated is stated clearly in the contract to ensure specific expectations are met. For example, if an advertiser only wants to target leads in the US, this should be clearly stated. When this step is overlooked, companies may waste money on a target audience that doesn’t fit.

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