What are the career paths to become a software engineer?

Software Engineer job pathways allow people to specialise in programming, relying on their understanding of the software development cycle and soft skills to manage a software development team, or choose additional specialities like mobile, big data, or computer systems security.

Beginning as a Junior Software Engineer or Software Developer is the most easy and linear path in software engineering. A junior software engineering position would most likely focus on developing software to match customer needs that a more senior software engineering professional on your team has agreed upon.

Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, is the top rung in this specific job path.

However, depending on how an engineer decides to specialise, software engineering job pathways might vary. All of these occupations may be obtained if you pursued a career in software engineering:

  • Mobile Developer
  • Front-End Engineers
  • Back-End Engineers
  • Full-Stack Engineers
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Game Engineer