What are the career options post MBA in Operations?

Operations management is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities connected to company concerns, including:

Forecasting – Demand, SKUs required, Holding cost, etc.

Designing a Product – The entire process of product manufacturing and designing

Processes in the Supply Chain – The distribution strategy and distribution channels used

Inventory – The Inventory holding cost and reducing unfulfilled demand

Management of Maintenance and Quality – Maintaining quality to retain existing consumers and attract new customers.

Following an MBA in Operations Management, job opportunities typically begin with roles in resource management and operations management inside the company that is recruiting the individual:

  • Purchasing services and goods for the organization is the responsibility of the supply chain manager.
  • Implementing and managing supply chains is the job of a logistics manager.
  • Planning and recommending operational improvements are the responsibilities of a consultant.
  • Developing and refining strategies to reduce inventory costs while increasing customer satisfaction is the responsibility of the Inventory Control Manager.