What are the building blocks of Power BI?

Below are the building blocks of Power BI:

  • Visualizations: These are the visual representations of the raw data collected from varied data sources. Visualizations can be different types such as line graphs, donut charts, pie charts, bar graphs, maps, etc.
  • Datasets: It’s a collection that Power BI uses to create visualizations and reports. Datasets in Power BI can be of different types such as Excel sheets, CSV files, Oracle tables, and more.
  • Reports: A report in Power BI is a collection of visualizations bought together on a single or multiple pages. Each visualization in a report shows the specific aspect of the data based on the requirements. For example, profit by-products, sales by country, city report, etc.
  • Dashboards: Dashboards are single-layer presentations with one or more visualizations embedded on a single page. Dashboards can be shared on various platforms like Power BI Apps to provide live information.
  • Tiles: Tiles are the single visualizations in a dashboard or report. For example, a pie chart, line graph, or any other visualization is a single tile in Power BI.