What are the Blockchain applications in Cybersecurity?

Blockchain is a very secure technology, and so it has many applications in Cyber security:
• IoT security: A potential use case for blockchain in the IoT system is to leverage device-to-device encryption to secure communication, key management procedures, and authentication.
• Software download integrity: Blockchain can be used to validate updates and installers, preventing fraudulent software from infecting devices. Hashes are logged in the blockchain here, and new software identities can be compared to the hashes to validate the downloads’ integrity.
• Data transmission security: Data in transit will be safeguarded against unauthorized access via encryption.
• Decentralized storage of crucial data: Blockchain-based storage solutions assist in achieving decentralized storage, which protects digital data.
• DDoS Attack Mitigation: Blockchain’s immutability and cryptography qualities make it a viable answer for these attacks.
• DNS security: The Domain Name System (DNS) is a public directory that connects domain names with IP addresses. The DNS may be stored with increased security because of blockchain’s immutability and decentralized systems.