What are the best DevOps courses for working professionals in India?

If you are a working professional & looking for DevOps Engineering courses, you can take up Courses for Maven, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SALTSTACK, Junit, Nagios, GENIOS, Apache Camel, etc. this will help you take up new projects & jobs & be more flexible with multiple software, this indeed helps you get a good job, make it easier to find a job & increase your value to the company. Furthermore, there are courses like TeamCity, Jenkins, Git, CVS, SUBVERSION, etc.

DevOps is a concept than a collection of rigorous tools and techniques. DevOps procedures are enabled or enhanced by a range of technologies and approaches. They include approaches like continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), which entails fast and continually implementing and putting out application modifications.

For the courses online you can refer to the professionals from the companies that are looking for a DevOps Engineer & work for them & train there at the same time. You may also find multiple free online videos on YouTube LinkedIn learning etc. Also, you will find a course named “DevOps for Data Science” on Board Infinity itself.