What are the best courses available freely on MOOC?

There are multiple online sites and sources which can be referred to scale up in data science concepts. However, the most used and referred MOOCs in the field of data science are Coursera, Udacity and edX. These three sources can be extensively used by data science aspirants to learn relevant and new tools & technologies related to data science. In addition, these MOOCs website also provides time to time feedback and certifications related to the same as well.

This is where Board Infinity comes into play by providing best in class content and guidance on how to progress in career. Furthermore, Board Infinity also provides valuable mentoring sessions which could enable you to understand your hidden talent & interests; thereby enabling you to choose your path of specialization.

Some of them are:

  1. Data Science Specialization - John Hopkins (Coursera)
  2. Data Science Foundation Course(Board Infinity)
  3. MicroMaster in Data Science and Statistic - MIT (edX)