What are the best Books for Data Analysts?

The following are some resources for analytics (statistics):

  1. Management statistics by Levin and Rubin
  2. Basic Data analyses by Freud Mackey

To study Data analyses in a very basic way:

  1. Begin by reading any of the above-mentioned works to learn the fundamentals of regression.

  2. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may utilise any statistical software, such as R or SPSS.

Download any real-life case study in a familiar domain from Google. If you work in the telecom industry, you should look at telecom case studies.

  1. Apply the statistical techniques you learned in the case study to a business problem now.

  2. Once you’ve mastered the idea, assumption, implementation, and applications, go on to the next step. Try to connect these ideas to your current work in the office.

  3. Experiment with various projects on github, and other websites.

  4. Enroll in Board Infinity