What are the best back-end frameworks which can be implemented with ReactJS Front-end framework?

The lists are -

  1. NodeJS is considered a perfect backend partner of React JS because of its great compatible features. Both front-end and backend libraries use the same JavaScript language that enables them to develop modern applications.

  2. The use of Back4App could be an ideal choice to complete React JS projects within less time. Yes, it is one of the fastest low-code React backends.

  3. If we are willing to use only the JavaScript backend for our React application, then we can also go with Express JS. It is basically a Node JS’s web application framework but can also work for the server-side of React projects.

  4. Firebase is also one of the easy to use React backends that coders can use. In this regard, just visit the ‘Add Firebase to your JavaScript project’ page, and you can proceed with great ease.

  5. Heroku is also a good backend for JavaScript front-end technologies. Businesses can also install Heroku for the server-side of their React JS applications. Withal, the installation of Node.JS comes as a condition in many cases.