What are the best aspects of working at Accenture?

1. PAYSCALE – When compared to the majority of India’s accommodation-predicated companies, Accenture pays munificently. I received kindred feedback from my friends and had kindred experiences while interviewing for a developing job afore joining Accenture.

2. REGIONAL INEQUITABLENESS – at other MNCs, concretely in senior management, they are predominantly south Indian. I’m not sure why; it might be favoritism or the fact that they are proximate to their habitation town; consequently, the bulk of employees are south Indian; nonetheless, the ratio of north Indian and south Indian employees at Accenture is equipollent. It fosters diversity by having the same percentage of male and female staff.

3. PEREGRINATE ACCOMMODATION – All workers and partners are entitled to free peregrinate. They provide buses on both sides; the last bus leaves at 7 p.m.; if your project’s timetable does not coincide with the Accenture bus schedule, you can take an official cab.

4. WOMEN-AMICABLE - Accenture is women-convivial in numerous ways, including peregrinate, working from home, and joining after maternity leave.

5. Aptitude UPGRADE— You can facilely enhance and switch your skills, which is not facile in other organizations, as I discovered. Still, you can study any adeptness, become certified, and get a project at Accenture. Currently, they are fortifying certification in your current or cross adeptness, which is genuinely benign.