What are the benefits of using version control?

It helps improve the collaborative work culture: Members of the team can work on any file at any time. We can use the version control system to combine all of the changes into a single version.

It keeps different versions of code files securely: The version control system neatly organizes all previous versions and variations of code files.

It understands what happened: The version control system prompts us to write a summary of what was changed each time we save a new version of our project. It also allows us to view what modifications have been made to the file’s content, as well as who made those changes.

It keeps backup: A distributed version control system like Git allows all team members to have a complete history of the project file, so they can utilize any of their teammate’s local Git repository if the central server goes down.

Benefits of Version Control Systems are the following:

  • They have long-term change history The changes made by developers, including the creating, modification, and deletion of files over the years, can be seen in history. It will allow going back to the previous version for analyzing bugs and fixing problems.

  • Branching helps work in an independently and not interfere with each other’s work. Merging brings the works together and allows seeing if there are conflicts between those works.

  • Tractability allows to trace each change and connect it to project management and bug tracking software, as well as to annotate each change with a message describing the purpose of the change.