What are the benefits of using NextJS Framework in today's world?

The benefits are listed below –

Faster time to market – Many ready-to-use components and compatibility that comes with it make building MVP much faster. Thanks to it, we can get feedback from real users quickly and make proper changes without wasting time and budget.

Enhanced User Experience – We have total freedom to create a front-end that fully aligns with your business goals and design vision. Thanks to it, the user experience is great and unique.

Increased organic traffic – Google loves static sites as they are fast, light, and easy to scan. This translates into higher positions of these websites in search results.

Fully Omni channel – Next.js websites and web apps work on any device, so they are accessible to everyone.

Support on demand – Since Next.js is a React-based framework; it won’t be difficult to find another developer without a need of building everything from scratch once again.