What Are The Benefits Of Using Facebook Ads Manager? (Part 3)

#1 – It Helps You To Estimate How Effective Your Campaign Is Going To Be Before You Post It
Before creating any ads or even starting an ad campaign on Facebook Ads Manager, it’s always ideal if you know exactly what impact it will have on your business so that when the results start coming in, you can decide if it’s worth continuing or not. You can do this with the help of Facebook Ads Manager, as you’ll be able to use the ad preview tool to see exactly what type of results you’re going to get before posting them live or making any other changes.

#2 – It Allows You To Get Results From People That Are Genuinely Interested In What You Have To Offer
Suppose everything goes according to plan and you’ve managed to create many ads that are relevant enough for your audience. In that case, you’re one step closer to getting people who are genuinely interested in whatever it is that your business is offering instead of just random people who don’t have much interest at all.

#3 – It Helps You To Monitor The Results Of Your Campaigns
Getting a report that lists out all of the results from your ads campaign is an important step as you need to know whether or not they are performing well enough to keep them running in the long run. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to look at any results that might be coming in via email, Facebook, or other social media platforms, giving you an idea of how effective things have been.

#4 – It Helps You Make Sure That All Of Your Bets Are Being Guided By Data
The final and most important benefit of using Facebook Ads Manager is simply because it gives you access to data. There’s no point in creating campaigns if you don’t even know what they are working on or not, and Facebook Ads Manager makes it possible for you to look at all of the results from your ads campaigns to fine-tune things needed.

#5 – It Helps You To Keep Your Marketing Budget Under Control
In most cases, running an ad campaign on AdWords will be a little more expensive than if you were using Facebook Ads Manager. This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing, but rather that you should be sure about what type of impact your ad will have before investing too much money into them. Facebook Ads Manager might not allow you to get the same sort of results as with AdWords, but it does help to keep things relatively cheap, which means that you won’t be losing too much money if your ad campaign doesn’t go exactly how you planned.