What are the average hours worked per week?

The length of an average workday has changed over time, but many people work similar hours across industries. However, there’s still some variation between how much time people in different careers spend working throughout a week. Understanding the hours worked across the country and in various fields can help you choose a job with hours that fit your needs. In this article, we discuss the average hours worked per week, including which careers may have longer weekly hours and what factors can influence the length of your workweek.
Average hours worked per week are the total hours a group of people works each week divided by the number of people in that group. This calculation determines the average hours each person in that group may work in a week, although some may work slightly longer or shorter times than others. Typically, the majority of people in the group work hours similar to the average.

The national standard for full-time employees is a 40-hour workweek, which employers typically divide into five eight-hour workdays. Many of these employees may also have an option of overtime, during which employees work longer hours for more pay. While 40 hours is the standard and is close to the average number of hours people typically work in a week, some people work in jobs with higher or lower average hours expected of them.