What are the aptitude round questions for campus placement of Deloitte?

The aptitude round seeks to assess the time management, alertness, and concentration level of a candidate. The Deloitte campus placement process consists of the following questions in their aptitude round:

  • Reading Comprehension – Questions based on this comprehension are direct and can be easily found in the paragraphs.
  • Vocabulary – This section assesses a candidate’s ability to communicate in English. This segment ranges in difficulty from medium to challenging. This phase can take a long time to complete, so plan accordingly. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Sentence Improvements are the most often asked questions.
  • Summary and critical reasoning are also a part of their aptitude test.
  • The Quantitative Section consists of Decimals and Fractions, HCF and LCM, Proportion and ratio, Time and speed are both important factors, Work and rates, Simple and compound interest, Geometry, Combinations and Permutations, Probability, The process of encoding and decoding, Blood relations, Linear, Circular, and Matrix Arrangements, Graphs, and Charts for Data Interpretation.