What are the aptitude round questions for campus placement for Wipro Technologies?

Wipro Elite NTH Aptitude Questions in the Logical Ability section are one of the easiest to answer. However, the majority of the time is spent trying to figure out what the question is about. As a result, you should practise grasping the question in as little time as feasible.

The questions in the Wipro Aptitude Questions are from the topics listed below. Before attending the Wipro recruiting drive, make sure you practice all of these -

  1. LCM & HCF
  2. Divisibility
  3. Numbers, decimal fractions, and power
  4. Time & Work
  5. Pipes and Cisterns
  6. Averages
  7. Profit and Loss
  8. Simple and Compound Interest
  9. Time, Speed, and Distance
  10. Problems on Trains
  11. Geometry, Coordinate Geometry
  12. Clocks & Calendar
  13. Logarithms
  14. Permutation and Combinations
  15. Probability
  16. Percentages
  17. Ratio & Proportion
  18. Algebra
  19. Surds & Indices
  20. Allegations and Mixtures
  21. Problem on Ages