What are the advantages and disadvantages of working at PwC India?

The advantages and the negative aspects are as follows for you to see:

Advantages -

  • Deals primarily with Fortune 500 clients; excellent learning and growth possibilities.
  • After Deloitte, you get affiliated with the world’s topmost Big 4.
  • its better if you’re on the client-side, where you’ll receive a variety of assignments and develop unique models that will help you and your company flourish.
  • Educational opportunities, health screenings, sports, and other events are all available.
  • Client-side training programs that are both informative and practical.

Negative aspects -

  • Work-life balance, involving holidays and work for several teams, is tough to achieve.
  • When contrasted to the other BIG 4, it pays less.
  • I’ve seen employees struggle to manage forceful bosses within few teams, and I’m sure it’s the same in other firms if - -you have similar bosses.
  • Not one of the Employee-Friendly Businesses.