What are the 10 most common interview questions and how to answer them?

Each company has a different interview process but there are certain common interview questions that you will be asked in every interview. Companies seek to evaluate a candidate based on logical, analytical, problem-solving, and presenting skills. The purpose of preparing interview questions is to become confident in speaking about certain topics rather than memorizing responses.

So, I’ve included 10 frequent interview questions along with suitable solutions below:

1. Tell me about yourself:

The answer to this question varies from fresher to experienced candidate, as the interviewer wants to know more about your background than mentioned in your resume. As a fresher, you can talk about yourself, projects you did in college, strengths, etc. As an experienced candidate you can tell them about your previous role, projects you carried out, and work pattern.

2. Why are you interested in this role?

Discuss the unique technical or social talents that make you the ideal candidate, using your experiences as instances, and demonstrating your willingness to work as part of a team and discover the company’s exceptional work culture.

3. What are some of your major weaknesses?

The key to answering this question is to identify 1-2 flaws, something you’re not very good at, and show what you have done or are doing to address them.

4. What are your views of the company?

Before attending any interview, do your research about the company and the exact position you are looking for. Check their website to get a sense of who they are and what they do. Find out what the company’s main supplies are.

5. What is your reason for quitting your current job?

This might be difficult, especially if you’re quitting a job in a bad situation. No hiring manager expects you to speak negatively about your previous employer. Instead, emphasize the new tasks and goals you want to tackle instead of the difficulties you plan to leave behind.

6. Can you work under pressure?

This is a straightforward question to which the obvious response is yes. However, make your response credible, consider a narrative or an occasion in which you successfully handled the pressure.

7. Describe how you overcame a challenging job scenario or project?

Prepare to offer an actual example of a difficult scenario at work, what the issue was, and how you helped address it when answering questions about what you did on the job.

8. What is your expected salary?

As some job postings do not include the salary range that will be offered, research the income range for that specific role. Recognize your worth and demand a decent salary.

9. What are your long-term goals?

When answering questions about your future plans, it’s a good idea to match your ambitions with the company. At the very least, ensure that your objectives include more than a one-year tenure with this company.

10. Do you have any questions for us?

You have the option to ask questions during your interview, so if you’ve been intrigued about the business culture or the day-to-day tasks of the role, now would be the opportunity to find out whether it’s the appropriate fit for you.