What are successful principles of product management?

Some of the must-follow principles are as follows:

• Make all roadmap decisions based on the Opportunity Cost.

Metrics are important. Always. We don’t argue or make decisions based on personal experiences.

• The outcome is more important than the activity or effort.

• Being successful necessitates venturing outside of one’s comfort zone.

• Pareto design: We handle the routine functions, while PS handles the finishing touches.

• There are no forks.

• MVP>MRP: It isn’t GA unless it has metering, self-service monitoring, and BI.

• The PM determines the “what,” while Engineering determines the “how.”

• If the PRD does not gracefully respond to the question, “What if the user makes a mistake?” it is incomplete.
Metrics: Evaluate critical areas to answer the question, “Are we improving?”

• Support must be aware of performance/reliability issues prior to customers becoming aware of them.

• Just enough formality.

• Eat your dog’s food. Alternately, shadow your customers on a regular basis.

• For example, “the product should do X” is not an enhancement request.

• Engineering scoping isn’t cheap. PM scoping of enhancement requests is also not.