What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 9)

  1. Don’t be afraid of changing tack when necessary! Since Pinterest doesn’t offer a lot in terms of managing everything related to your account (or external boards), it’s always better off getting yourself involved with sites like Hootsuite or SmarterQueue if you want something simple yet beneficial - especially if you’re looking to organize posts/re-pins/etc… so that you can reach more people through different places online. Even though we’re focusing on Pinterest itself here, there’s no denying that this social network is just one part of what you’ll want to use to get the word out about yourself or others - especially if you’re trying to promote something specific (which is why you likely have an account here in the first place).

  2. Don’t expect it all to run smoothly! If someone offers a good idea for something, don’t immediately start pinning similar pictures/posts right away since it might get repetitive quickly. Wait until things come along at a much better time than before, and never be afraid of taking suggestions from others - as they can take your business to the next level without having to do much of anything on your own.

  3. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there! This isn’t just about the business you want to promote but also considers who you are as a person. Make sure that just about everyone knows what it is that you’re doing with Pinterest, and remember - this is all a part of the image that you’ve been creating for yourselves as well (even if nobody else sees it except for those who have an interest in talking to someone like you). Suppose people know they can count on you when they need something specific. In that case, getting some help from others will likely seem a lot easier than before - especially once they see everything coming together as expected.

  4. Don’t forget your audience! Even though you might be looking to promote an interest or something related to your business, people must know what’s going on as well. Remember - just because you’re trying to get them involved with Pinterest through re-pins and more doesn’t mean that you have to neglect their needs either. Look at the best ways of showing off what both types of things have in common so that your followers can see where they fit in - before moving onto anything else. Once people start seeing their favorite pictures/posters/etc… coming up around here again, they’ll likely look for new ways of getting involved (or, even better - inspire others to do the same).

  5. Don’t worry about the numbers! Let’s face it, and many people aren’t have that much luck when it comes to things like this. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap and start counting how many re-pins or follows you’ve gotten on any given day or week - as this will likely get demoralizing very quickly. Instead of focusing too much on the negative parts, make sure you’re taking the proper steps to learn from every mistake so that you can feel just as satisfied with your results after some time has passed (which is something anyone can do if they know what to look for).