What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 6)

  1. Use keywords wisely … just like any other search engine. Try to use your keywords in a way that shows they are meant for Pinterest. For example, if you’re pinning from Huffington Post about “The Best Tips for Making Nutella Milkshakes,” you could try using the #nutellamilkshake or #besttips hashtags. Still, it wouldn’t be as effective as something like #NutellaMilkshake or even just NutellaMilkshake (capitalization matters). The first two versions show people exactly what content is included, and those who follow these pins might want to click on them more than the last one.

  2. Use Pinterest as part of any other social media game plan. It’s great to have all of your social media accounts working in tandem with each other. For example, if you pin a link on Pinterest that’s targeting the iPhone market (and I know there are some of you out there!), it would make sense for you to mention this in your next Facebook update or tweet. This is a win-win because now, people can follow your pins through more than just one social media network!

  3. Make sure that the content you’re pinning has meaning. You don’t want someone finding your profile or following your boards and seeing nothing but random pictures of the Internet. Find some interesting information online that no one else has found - go deeper, so they notice! By using these tips, not only will you have followers of your own, but others will find new information about topics they would have otherwise never known about.

  4. Never underestimate the power of Pinterest. Any social media that’s still relatively new has the opportunity to explore and take over any number of industries right now. Even if you decide not to use it for your business, pin something from time to time so that you can keep track of what others are doing and know how many people see your pins. You’ll find some great ideas for yourself or even a whole host of new people who might want to follow …… especially if they’re involved in similar topics (see tip #5). This is the perfect place to build up your followers before launching off into other forms of social media (don’t get me wrong - I’ve never been an early adopter).

  5. Have fun with your brand … or business! You’re creating an image, and Pinterest is a great way to always keep in touch with the people you connect with. For example, if you handle customer service for a particular company and now and then use your cell phone to take pictures of their products as they come in, try to pin at least one photo so everyone can see them (and follow up on how excellent that product was!). If it’s just a few photos here and there, no one will think twice about it - but if it becomes something more regular like this, make sure to announce when you’ve got new pins to share. This makes those following your board feel special that only THEY get this first-hand look at the latest stuff.