What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 4)

  1. Connect with other pinners. There are many people out there using Pinterest for all kinds of different reasons, and chances are you will even meet some who use social media marketing themselves! Start leaving comments on interesting pins just like you would anywhere else online, and perhaps someone will leave one for your content in return! You might not get any new followers every single day, but by going through each board, looking at everyone’s content, and making a point to respond on occasion, you are sure to find some valuable connections in time.

  2. Try not to get pin envy. Some people will have tons of followers, while others won’t even come close. It doesn’t mean that the second group isn’t doing something right, though. Instead of feeling bad about yourself for not having as many fans, focus on your efforts instead! If you keep trying new things (without letting frustration or negativity stand in your way), it’s only a matter of time before things start looking up for you as well. Seeing what other people do can be great - but if it starts discouraging you from putting forth your best effort, work on improving yourself instead!

  3. Find a relevant landing page for your Pinterest account. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy at all - it just needs to contain a few links that will allow others to find out more about you quickly and what you’re all about! You can add this on the main blog or create an entirely new one where all of your social media accounts are listed.

  4. Use images that complement each other when creating boards. No rule says you need to use only visual content on any particular board, but if everyone is going for pictures, including even small quotes can help attract people by letting them know what they should expect beforehand. If every image is entirely different from the last, visitors will not stick around for very long. Try including a few things related to the one main topic, and you’re sure to see an improvement!

  5. Keep your boards organized. This is such a simple tip, but it can have a significant impact on how people feel about everything that they find on Pinterest. When you aren’t sure what any given image or link is meant for, there isn’t much chance of it getting noticed by many others who will be interested as well! Make sure each board has its description so anyone can quickly get an idea of what kind of content is included, and keep in mind which items should remain up top and which ones would work better at the bottom!