What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 2)

  1. Try using links instead of pictures whenever possible! You probably already know that internet users are always trying to find more information about any topic they read about online. You can use this to your advantage by making it easy for them to do just that! If your posts include links, users will be directed to another page of yours if they choose to click on the link instead of having to leave Pinterest and go somewhere else entirely.

  2. Remember - you need content! Your boards should never feel too empty, or like you’re trying too hard. The best way I’ve found to do this is by using different variations of similar images. For instance, if I’m posting a picture that includes a colorful object in front of a white background, I’ll try and think up many ways to reuse that idea but with slightly different results each time.
    For example, I might include another one of the same items with a different color background, or I’ll use an object that is easier to read and consider a caption for it so that they can get my name across. The point is if you’re creating original images like this, you can always edit them later on and add something more to them. If you are only posting your content from start to finish, however, it’s going to seem like you have nothing else special to offer!

  3. Get creative! Pinterest was designed as a place where people could gather ideas and share new things about their lives - not necessarily view company websites all the time. Use this fact by streaming your blog posts on your boards! That means you can share exactly what is going on at your company, and users will see the deals, promotions, upcoming events, etc., ahead of time! Make sure to include a “Pin it” button in each blog post, so users have the option of quickly saving any new content for later use.

  4. Be aware that there are lots of other types of boards! If you want to experiment with specific kinds of posts but aren’t quite sure if they are Pinterest appropriate or not, don’t be afraid to try them out to get a feel for how well they work! There are boards dedicated solely towards businesses, travel ideas, recipes, and more, so head over there and take a look around before deciding which ones fit best with your marketing efforts.

  5. Remember that this social media network is still relatively new. That means not every type of image or caption you try will always work well. Even the best marketers make mistakes - sometimes on purpose! See what your followers like to see and which posts are most successful for you, then use those techniques in the future.