What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 12)

  1. Do try new approaches! This isn’t the kind of thing where you should ever get comfortable no matter what kind of results you’re getting (since if there is a way for you to make things even better, then why not take the time necessary to do exactly that?). Some people want to feel inspired; others prefer to see something new and unique every while. Either way, this is something that will always come down to what kind of reaction they’re having on your boards - so pay attention here and don’t try to be too predictable whenever possible!

  2. Don’t just spread yourself out over one board! Remember, the more diverse things are on a case-by-case basis, the less likely it is that anyone will ever get bored with seeing what has been posted online (and while it can be tempting to focus on one board and post the same thing over and over again, this is something which never looks good in the long run). Instead, take advantage of Pinterest as a tool for learning new things (and getting some inspiration from others) every time you log in.

  3. Do find ways to streamline your efforts! Sometimes this can be not easy since we’re all human. Suppose you lose your internet connection or end up with some technical problem while you’re out there pinning. In that case, it’s going to be very hard for you to keep things moving at a fast pace (especially if trying to get everything back online has been part of your marketing strategy). Remember that people will always have an easier time finding what they’re looking for if you’re able to ensure that all of your pins are going to be online at any given moment, so do keep this in mind whenever possible.

  4. Don’t ever rely too much on Pinterest! This is not meant as a knock against the site - but just because something seems easy enough to put together doesn’t mean that it’s always going to work out entirely in your favor. Take advantage of their analytics features and make sure that you’re aware of what kind of stats are being generated whenever someone decides to follow one of your boards or repin an image you’ve uploaded (if they’re spending more time offline than online, then there’s no sense in trying to contact them right now; likewise if they don’t provide you with any kind of helpful information via a direct message, then there’s no point in asking them anything else before they’ve had a chance to share their thoughts with you on a more comprehensive basis.

  5. Don’t forget that Pinterest can be used as an educational tool! No matter what kind of marketing strategy you might have in mind for the future, it never hurts to think about using this as something which will inspire new and unique ways for you to get people’s attention (especially if Pinterest itself is going to provide you with all kinds of different tips and tricks for making sure that things go according to plan). The more familiar the site becomes with your profile, the better off things are going to be.