What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 11)

  1. Don’t just follow others - encourage them to share things with you too! There is no doubt about it - Pinterest isn’t going to need the same kind of guidelines that we’re all used to having on other social media sites. Instead, people are going to have as much fun coming up with designs and ideas as they do share their thoughts online (and if there’s a way for you to work together to achieve the best results here, then that’s exactly what everyone will be looking forward to doing whenever possible).

  2. Do think out of the box - or in another direction entirely! If someone else comes up with a design or an idea that inspires you, don’t go in and copy everything about it. Instead, try to see if there’s something you can do to make things even better - or perhaps there are other areas that need some work (and where your skills will be much better suited than anyone else).

  3. Don’t leave anything behind! I know this might sound a little difficult, but it isn’t when you think about it. Pinterest allows people to get together online and share all kinds of stuff - so don’t expect everyone to want to pin the same thing every time they come across something they like. Browse through boards at different times of the day or try out new looks to discover what type of updates others are looking forward to seeing, and then make sure that you’re able to provide them with exactly what they want when they want to need it.

  4. Do use Pinterest as a guide - but don’t rely on it entirely! As we’ve already mentioned many times before, people are going to have plenty of fun coming up with new designs and ideas to give each other something exciting and different than what everyone else is posting online (and since this is something which requires time and effort, why not go out there and do your best to see if you can match or try to beat their actions). Besides, the more individual posts you have on your boards, the less likely it is that anyone will be looking at someone else’s instead (which means things like this are always going to be worth your time).

  5. Don’t feel tempted to repin an entire image! This seems like something which can be done in some cases - where someone comes across a picture they enjoy and feel compelled to share with everyone else. However, all this does is take up the space of what could have been 10 or 15 other pins instead (which means that if you just wanted a couple of updates on your boards anyway, why not go ahead and do this instead?). No one wants to see many images that look the same as well, so keep things interesting whenever possible.