What are some tips for making effective Pinterest Marketing Campaign? (Part 1)

  1. Try setting up a business account rather than your account. This will allow you to control who sees your boards as well as your comments much more accessible. You might still want to create a board with your favorite recipes or something else that isn’t related to work just in case clients find you on there but make sure the majority of your profile stays business-oriented if they choose to follow you from there. Later on, great! But avoid putting too much personal information on the business board.

  2. Create a profile that is professional and clean-looking! You need to be sure you are showing off who you are without actually giving away your identity. The best way to do this is with a stock photo. Instead of posting an image of yourself, consider using one from Shutterstock or Dreamstime instead. These images come with licenses for any kind of use, so they don’t violate privacy laws. Many HVAC companies will include their company logo in their profile picture as well, which will also help.

  3. Make sure all your pins have relevant descriptions. This makes your boards easy for others to navigate through at a glance. If you pin an image with writing on it, make sure you don’t forget to include that writing in your description. When pinning an image that is more complex or has a lot going on, try and pick the most critical object and focus on that. Include any relevant information about the item, from where you got it to why you love it so much.

  4. Try adding links to related products or services. A great example of this would be a seller who sells jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You could create a board with all three items titled something like “Earrings for Every Occasion” and then link each post back to your main watch page so they can easily browse through all of your products!

  5. Be sure to pin from other pages as well. Pinterest is a social media network that allows you to gather content. That means you can use it to search for new creative ways to market your company. Create boards based on popular searches and then include ones of yours as well. The more Pinterest users view the board, the higher up on the list, and the more they are likely to click on one of your posts! Once again, if someone clicks your link or pins an image, make sure each page has relevant information about what’s going on in the photo and where it came from.