What are some tips for making effective Facebook ads? (Part 4)

  1. Add incentives to your ads to encourage people to buy from you rather than others who may be offering the same thing for less money!

  2. Don’t try selling too many things at once in one post because it can confuse customers and make them not want to click through on what they see as being more like an advertisement trying too hard to sell them something! Keep each ad focused on one specific product, service, value-added offer, or whatever else you’re selling for it to look more natural.

  3. Have a clear message about why the customer should come to click through to your site instead of just an offer of a discount code or some other deal.

  4. Try giving the impression that you’re giving something away for free, rather than trying to sell them anything!

  5. If you can get a celebrity or prominent figure from within your industry or niche, try and get them to promote the ad for you (for example, professional athletes promoting sportswear in their Facebook ads). This will make people more likely to check out what’s being offered because they’d rather trust someone famous in their field which has proven themselves over someone like you who hasn’t established any authority yet.