What are some tips for making effective Facebook ads? (Part 3)

  1. Avoid using words that will make your ad seem impersonal, such as ‘Sale now on’ (replace with a specific time and date) or ‘Grab this great deal.’ These don’t stimulate interest enough for people to bother checking out your page! Try using more action verbs and phrases like “Grab a new look!” or, even better, “Get 10% off any item.” It’s much more tempting to click through when you know you’ll get an instant reward for doing so rather than just being told there’s some discount involved.

  2. Test different times during the day for running ads because different periods have different activity levels according to what’s happening in your potential prospects’ lives. For example, during peak working hours, there will be less time spent checking Facebook, while people are more likely to check their social media accounts for updates when they get home from work and can relax with a drink or after dinner.

  3. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing with their ads, so you don’t end up looking like a throwaway account that offers no value! If you have similar offerings as others, then it should be alright to have ads that look very much alike unless yours is vastly superior in some way (for example, if yours is free of charge). Make sure your ad text has good reasons why customers should click through instead of just saying the same things everyone else in your market is saying.

  4. Always include a link to your website in the ad itself so that it’s immediately available rather than them either having to click on another tab or, even worse, copy and paste the URL into their browser! This can be very time-consuming for customers when they are dealing with something like an online shopping page, which is likely because they’ve been on Facebook for quite a while already and don’t want to leave right away just yet. If you have a camera shop, put up images of various cameras along with any additional information about them, so people recognize what you’re offering straight away.

  5. Try including some enticing benefits in your ads, such as '25% off all items (rather than just stating the store’s name), or if you have a clothing shop, show some fashionable pictures of your products with people looking happy and showing off their new outfits.