What are some technical questions asked in technical interview of Mu-Sigma?

The Technical interview round of the Mu-Sigma interview consists of data sciences questions. However, the quality of questions also depends on the job you are interviewing for.

Nevertheless, if you are curious about how to prepare for the technical interview, here we are with some sample questions asked in a technical interview of Mu-Sigma:

How many trees are there in Delhi? (Guesstimate type questions)

This is a guesstimate-type question where a candidate has to guess without knowing the real-life data. In this problem, the interviewer is trying to know your thinking process and how it works. They do not want an exact answer. They want you to think analytically and answer in steps.

Puzzles based questions

In these questions, the interviewers give you a puzzle-based question, and you are asked to solve the question in a fixed set of time. They give these questions to check your analytical and problem-solving skills simultaneously since a data science job requires both skills.