What are some SQL interview questions for a business analyst?

What exactly is SQL?
SQL is used to connect with the database. This is a standard language that is used to access, update, insert, and delete data from a database.

What is the definition of a database?
A database is simply an organized form of data that allows for simple access, storage, retrieval, and processing of data. This is also known as structured data, which could be accessed in a variety of ways.

What exactly is the main key?
A primary key is a collection of fields that uniquely identifies a row. This is a kind of unique key with an implied NOT NULL constraint. This indicates that the values for the primary keys cannot be NULL.

What are the various forms of indexes?
Indexes are classified into three types:

  • Unique
  • Clustered
  • NonClustetred

Comparison between the TRUNCATE and DROP statements?
TRUNCATE removes all rows from a table and cannot be restored. The DROP command deletes a table from the database, and the process cannot be reversed.

What exactly is data integrity?
The accuracy and consistency of data kept in a database are defined as data integrity. It may also create integrity constraints to impose business requirements on data as it enters the application or database.