What are some sources to kickstart your data analyst journey?

Data analytics is a discipline that collects, analyses, and delivers quantitative data from data sets to make predictions or improve results. Usually, combing through heaps of data would appear to be an overwhelming task.

Being a data analyst, you must need many skills and know about many tools to perform the daily tasks of a data analyst. However, we are here to help you by providing some places to start your data analyst journey.

Following are some sources to learn and practice your skills to become a data analyst:

Learn by

A lesson on this platform will teach you the fundamentals of programming. You may also find Python, R, and other programming languages, classes. It is one of the most comprehensive online learning programs for new Python programmers.

Learnbay provides a variety of courses in a variety of languages on topics ranging from data science to artificial intelligence development. They offer classes for all ability levels, with a beginning, intermediate, and advanced methods available.


SciVex is a learning and personalization-focused platform.

It not only has courses for data scientists and analysts but also resources to assist you in learning Python, R, and SAS programming.

Anyone, from beginners to specialists, can learn on the platform.

•Visualize Data - This platform is a great place to start whether you’re new to R, Python, or other data-analysis software.

It is available in various languages and aids in the training of pupils at all levels.

The courses are user-friendly, interactive, and visually appealing.