What are some senior technical roles at microsoft?

After working as an engineer for the world’s largest software company, you feel ready for more significant opportunities or responsibilities. You feel you need to move up the ladder and lead your team. However, you do not know what is next or what senior roles I can take.

Following are some senior-level technical roles:

Senior software engineer

You will be responsible for delivering high-quality code components that will power our products’ client experiences.

Own complicated features from conception to completion, including planning, design, development, deployment, and maintenance.

Define requirements in collaboration with product managers, designers, and fellow engineers.

Maintain quality, privacy, accessibility, security, documentation, and other coding standards.

Principle engineering manager

As an engineering manager, you are responsible for leading and collaborating with some of the brightest engineers on cutting-edge technologies.

Exhibit zeal for creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture in which individuals and teams may perform their best work and reach their full potential to achieve our business objectives.

Plan and build a roadmap for long-term data strategies, data foundations, and data assets to support the team’s and partners’ longer-term needs.