What are some rules for asking for a promotion?

Research the position

Find out about the position you are considering. If you are preparing your promotion request for an internal position, meet with the current employee to discuss the job. For instance, ask about the specific requirements, tasks they commonly performed, what to expect on the job and the salary increase you can expect. Information like this can give you an idea of the examples to use to support your request, along with an idea of what to expect when discussing the salary requirements for your desired position.

Compile your data

Gather your performance reviews, feedback from colleagues and managers and additional data that gives evidence of your achievements at work. Having supporting examples of how you consistently achieve objectives outside of your job description can show your employer why you deserve a promotion.

Speak with your employer

It is important to approach your employer directly regarding your promotion request. Speak with your employer to set up a time to meet when it is convenient for them. Approaching your employer in this manner showcases your confidence and highlights your consideration for their schedule. This can result in a comfortable and amicable conversation when you meet to discuss your request for promotion.

Prioritize company goals

Your employer most likely wants to know exactly how you contribute to the growth of the company. Be prepared to discuss examples of how you prioritized the company’s goals during your time in the workplace. For instance, give examples of how you kept your team motivated to meet tight deadlines, helped colleagues improve their productivity to reach revenue goals or how you used another approach to consistently maintain your company’s mission.