What are some reasons to not become a big data engineer?

Being a data engineer is not for everyone, despite its high-demand position with good pay and employment stability.

Before pursuing a career in data engineering, it is crucial to examine your abilities, talents, and personality, as it is with most occupations.

Here are some reasons you might not want to work as a data engineer.

If money is important, than growth

While money is crucial, it should not be the primary motivator for your professional decision.

If you are going to work in tech anyhow, it is preferable to pick a job you will enjoy, even if the pay is not as good.

A $5,000 or $10,000 difference in pay will not make a massive difference in a high-paid computer worker’s lifestyle, especially once taxes are factored in.

On the other side, the level of pleasure you gain from your work will impact your overall happiness and contentment in your working life.

If you do not enjoy engineering

Data engineering necessitates adopting and implementing an engineering mindset, which some people may find restrictive.

Because data engineers frequently design infrastructure that other engineers will maintain in the future, they must stick to a tight set of rules and regulations.

These guidelines are essential, but they might be stressful for people who desire greater creative license in their work.