What are some questions asked in technical round of infosys process?

The technical Round of the Infosys placement process is one of the rounds where a candidate must have to be well prepared and very well versed in the technical knowledge needed for the role.

Following are some technical interview questions:

How is method overloading different from method overriding?

When two methods have the same terminology but differ in the number of parameters or the type of inputs they accept, this is known as method overloading. Compile-time polymorphism gets its name because it occurs during the compilation process.

The ability to create subclass and super-class methods with the same name and signatures, with the subclass method having precedence over the super-class method, is referred to as method overriding.

What are DDL and DML commands in SQL?

The acronym DDL stands for Data Definition Language. DDL instructions are used to define database schema, which means they are used to construct and alter the database object structure.

CREATE, ALTER, DROP, TRUNCATE, and other commands are examples. The DML stands for Data Manipulation Language. The data in the database is changed using DML instructions.

INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE are some examples.

Why indexing in SQL is proper?

A SQL index is a quick lookup table that aids in the discovery of frequently searched records. An index is a fast, compact database designed for quick lookups.

It comes in handy for connecting relational tables, searching huge tables, and quickly retrieving data from a database.