What are some points considerd by companies to hired by campany for data engineering role?

We spoke with people who have worked as data engineers and hired data engineering teams to assist students and mid-career professionals to decide if data engineering is right for them.

Following are qualities recruiters look for in the candidate for the role:

You must be a strong developer.

Everyone agrees that you need good development abilities for a data engineering position.

Ng explains, “You will have to write scripts and possibly some glue code.”

"Everything is now code: infrastructure, pipelines, and so on.

Courses are good, but nothing compares to hands-on experience.

A textbook, at least none of mine, does not teach you how to deal with a data pipeline interruption."

You need to know about many technologies.

A data engineer’s key responsibilities are as follows:

  • To guarantee that the data pipeline, which includes data collecting and processing, is up and running.
  • Internal customers — data scientists and data analysts – must be served.
  • To keep the cost of transporting and keeping data under control.

To do these tasks, an engineer must know about a large variety of tools present in the market.