What are some points about oracle work culture?

Following experience is shared by one of the freshers who had joined the company and the answer id from their point of view.

  • Although it was my first job (as a UX designer), I found the advantages adequate.

  • Working at marketing or design agencies provided me with worse benefits. I never anticipated working for a technological company, let alone a large one, but it turned out to be an enjoyable experience. Benefits are a good point.

  • Even though we worked on significant projects, there was never a mess, and if there was, I didn’t have to work overtime.

  • I always made time to concentrate on personal projects or simply relax. Work-life balance is a significant point.

  • I traveled a lot for business in Indonesia and the United States, and everything went smoothly — I stayed in friendly hotels and flew on reputed airlines. The importance of travel experience cannot be overstated.

Finally, it is a highly recommended place to work.