What are some other tools to learn to become a data analyst?

Analysts and data professionals will employ tools and software to achieve the best results in various jobs, including running algorithms, preparing data, generating forecasts, automating processes, and conventional duties like visualizing and reporting data.

Following are some tools used by them to perform their tasks and bring the most out of the data:

  • Jupyter Notebook System: The Jupyter Notebook allows data analysts to test their code quickly. For the Markdown feature, non-technical users prefer Jupyter notebooks’ effortless style.
  • Github is a website where you can share and create technology projects. For data specialists who employ object-oriented programming, this book is a must-have.
  • AWS S3: AWS S3 is an Amazon Web Services cloud storage service. DA now can store and retrieve big datasets.
  • Data modeling tools: Using diagrams, symbols, and text to structure the database and develop business systems, models are created to describe how data moves and is connected.