What are some other technical questions asked in Infosys interview?

Some technical interview questions asked in the Infosys process are as follows:

What is a frame in HTML?

HTML Frames help separate browser windows into many sections. Each can load an HTML document independently. A frameset is a group of frames in the browser window.

Authors can offer HTML documents from many perspectives, including subwindows or separate windows. While other views are changed or scrollable, several views help to keep certain information accessible.

What is DLL and EXE file extension?

The EXE file extension is used to identify executable files, which are also known as programmes. It’s completely self-contained. The memory and processing area of an EXE are established.

A dynamic link library (DLL) is a group of routines and procedures that can be used by other programmes. This DLL can be used by a wide range of apps. The memory and process space of the calling application will be shared.

What is the stored procedure?

A stored procedure is a logical group for statements that may be accessed by programs that use a relational database management system (RDBMS).

Hi, i am in the last year of my engineering and I also preparing for the Interview, some of the Infosys Technical Interview Questions that I prepare from the Internet are:

1: Basic Concept of Opps.
2: Tokens in C++.
3: Difference between C and C++.
4: What is Pointer in C?
5: Difference between overloading and overriding.
6: What is SDLC?
7: What are the advantages of the Waterfall Model?
8: What is the difference between a Primary key and Foreign Key?
9: What is SQL Injection?
10: What is the difference between Stack and Heap?
11: What is Database Schema?
12: What is the difference between C++ and Java?
13: What is a Pointer?
14: How is dynamic memory allocation done in C/C++?
15: How to Check check if a number is prime?
16: What is the difference between Array and ArrayList?
17: What is a circular linked list?
18: What are the different modifiers in Java?
19: What is a database schema?
20: What are SQL joins? How to use them to fetch data from multiple tables?

hope also this will help you.

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