What are some of the technical questions asked in an interview for Accenture?

Technical Accenture Interview Questions: The Accenture specialized meeting will focus on the following areas. You should simply have these on hand ahead of time.

Topics of Interest

  1. Projects mentioned in the resume and the technological advances used in them

  2. C and C++ Fundamentals

The following are a few technical interview questions from the Accenture interview process.

1. What are the characteristics of the C programming language?

C-coded programmes are efficient and fast. This is primarily because it has a wide range of data types and powerful operators.

C is by far the most widely used programming language in operating systems and embedded system development.

  • Language for structured programming

  • Portable or self-contained machine

2. What exactly is recursion in C?
Calling of a function by the function itself. A recursive function thus is able to call itself into action.

3. In C, what is the purpose of the pointer?
Accessing array elements, dynamic memory allocation, call-by-reference, and data structures such as a tree, graph, linked list, and so on.