What are some of the skills required to ace the Group Discussion round in the campus placement process of Deloitte?

Some prerequisites to acing the Group Discussion round of Deloitte can be as follows:

Start with a good argument :

  • When it’s your moment to speak, create an impact by starting with a strong argument or a quote from an industry expert.
  • It’s a good idea to incorporate some statistics and facts.

Be patient :

  • Stay cool and wait your turn to talk, and don’t interrupt anyone else.
  • Allow others to voice their opinions. If someone makes the argument you were about to make, make the same point from a new angle and with a broader perspective.
  • One should not engage in debates. In group conversations, etiquette is crucial.

Be factual :

When you convey your position with facts and data, panelists are more impressed. Every day, read newspapers, remember facts and statistics, and communicate fluently.

Stick to the topic :

When presenting your facts, don’t get carried away. Maintain relevance by sticking to the topic and speaking in context. Make your argument quickly and succinctly.