What are some of the interview questions for cloud engineer?

Top 5 cloud engineer interview questions with extensive answers for both interviewers and applicants.

Cloud engineers are IT specialists who specialize in cloud computing. They create, administer, and support cloud infrastructures for enterprises to securely store data and operate applications.

When hiring cloud engineers, look for someone who has a broad technical understanding of cloud computing methods as well as good troubleshooting abilities. Candidates with weak customer handling abilities should be avoided.

Following are some of the questions for the cloud engineer interview:

Question: Could you tell me about your most difficult cloud computing project?
Purpose: The candidate’s employment experience is revealed.

Question: How do you stay up with cloud computing best practices and trends?
Purpose: Demonstrates the candidate’s interest in cloud computing as well as how they keep up with current developments and best practices.

Question: What’s the difference between serverless and on-premises continuous integration and delivery?
Purpose: Demonstrates the candidate’s technical expertise.

Question: “What would you do if you were targeted by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack?”
Purpose: Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to troubleshoot.

Question: What would you advise a customer who is looking for a low-cost, high-availability application?
Purpose: This question reveals the candidate’s customer management abilities.