What are some of the HR questions asked in an interview for Accenture?

1. Please tell me about yourself.
One should a SWOT analysis of himself or herself rather than simply providing a year-by-year chronological progression. Begin by researching the industry, the company, and the job function to identify opportunities to market yourself for the position.

2. Tell us about your accomplishments.
Discuss a couple of recent and work-related accomplishments. Identify the skills you used to achieve the goal and quantify the benefit to the company – whether it was productivity, time, or money.

3. Why are you quitting your current position?
HR managers always ask this question to see if your departure was prompted by any specific issues. Are you leaving on good or bad terms? Do you want to leave your current job or are you looking for new opportunities for advancement? Your response should be positive about your current employer/role while also revealing that you’re looking for the next step in your career. Don’t be pessimistic, and never use money as your primary motivator.

4. Are you satisfied with your current career and growth?
The interviewer is looking to to know about your self-esteem, confidence, and career goals with this question. The answer must be “yes” – this is what the interviewer is looking for – follow it up by explaining waht excites you the most . At the same time talk about the most exciting thing about your current job