What are some of the hallmarks of good PPC landing page?

what are some of the hallmarks of good PPC landing page?

The sole purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads and capture a visitors information with a conversion form.

best practises that you must implement when designing a landing page for PPC, if you want to make the maximum return on your pay-per-click campaigns.

    1. Strategically Position Your Landing Page Elements to Drive Conversions.
    1. Write Content for Your Target Personas, Not for the General Public.
    1. Use Your PPC Keywords as the Fuel for Your Landing Page Content.
    1. Keep Your PPC Landing Page Relevant to the Keywords You Are Bidding On.
    1. Ensure the Length of Your PPC Landing Page Matches Your Overall Goals.
    1. Use Unique Imagery That Will Connect with Your Target Personas.
    1. Create Compelling Call to Actions That Are Effortless to Complete.
    1. Avoid Leaving Your Users Waiting, Deliver Lightning Fast Page Speed.
    1. Optimise Your PPC Landing Page to Drive Conversions.
    1. Include Trust Signals to Create an Emotional Connection with Users.