What are some of the common types of email attacks?

Email is a global service that is utilized by over a billion people. An email has become a key vulnerability for people and enterprises as one of the most widely used services.

  • Phishing :
  • Phishing is a type of deception.
  • Cybercriminals utilize email, instant messaging, and other social media to impersonate a trusted individual in order to obtain information such as login credentials.
  • Vishing :
  • Vishing is a type of phishing that employs voice communication technologies.
  • Smishing :
  • Smishing is a type of phishing that uses text messages on mobile phones.
  • Whaling :
  • A phishing attack that targets high-profile targets within a business, such as senior executives, is known as whaling.
  • Pharming :
  • Pharming is the impersonation of a legitimate website in order to trick people into providing their credentials.
  • Spyware :
  • Spyware is software that allows a criminal to collect data about a user’s computer activity.
  • Scareware :
  • Scareware is software that uses fear to encourage the user to execute a specified action.